Fair Trade

We feature many quality products from socially and environmentally responsible companies  dedicated  to providing fair wages and decent working conditions in developing countries.  We have clothing, jewelry, ornaments, and more hand made in countries such as Thailand, El Salvador, Guatemala, Ecuador, Nepal, and India.

Handmade Ornaments

Everyday and holiday ornaments are handcrafted in a village outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Pilgrim Imports was formed over 25 years ago to make sure the craftspeople of Thailand earn a living wage.  Through their mission of “Working together for good” they have transformed the little village, greatly improving the lives of hundreds.


We have a large selection of beautiful handmade Pilgrim Ornaments to choose from.

Handmade Vegetable Ivory Jewelry

This beautiful jewelry is handcrafted in Ecuador from the tagua palm tree nut which has the same appearance, density, and feel of animal ivory.  The jewelry is then dyed using high-grade organic vegetable dyes.  No two pieces are exactly alike. 


You can find your perfect piece at Wimberley Whimsy.

Upscale, Natural and Recycled Products

Revy works with individuals and co-ops in El Salvador to help the local artisans earn a living wage and work without fear of abuse or fear for their own safety. 


Whimsy carries many interesting and beautiful recycled Revy handbags and pieces of jewelry.  When you  purchase one of these pieces you are helping the people of El Salvador and the planet at the same time. 


Shop with a conscience.  Shop fair trade.

Unique Clothing and Accessories

Nepalese artisans produce unique one of a kind pieces reflecting the care and tradition of their ancient cultures.  Naga shrugs, wraps, and shawls add pizazz to every outfit.  Wear them to the side, like a poncho, like a cowl, over the head, as a scarf; layer complimentary colors over each other at opposite angles; keep one in a zip lock sandwich bag in your purse for dress up in the evening or if it’s an overly air conditioned environment.


More Fair Trade

We bring in new fair trade items regularly.  Visit us in Wimberley on the square.

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